Morning Coffee, Tea all Day

about a 2-minute read

Resonating deeply with Americans, coffee stands to keystone morning routines. It's become such an integral part of each day that a simple change from the usual blend is considered sacrilegious. Coffee starts the day, radiating a comforting heat in your hand as the symbol of "let's do this." After the groggy, cloudy-headed early mornings clear away with a questionably strong cup of java- coffee throughout the day seems less and less preferable. Scrounging around for something to sip on, few drinks can fill the full-bodied void that coffee forever engrains on its consumer's hearts. 

The tea cabinet, barely touched and littered with miscellaneous and motley assortments of flavors seems somewhat promising. Picking up something labeled "herbal" or "low caffeine", glimpsing over the "steep for 5-8 minutes" instructions and dunking it in a mug while "this is going well so far" thoughts come up. An unknown amount of time passes because, let's face it, no one's setting a timer and the bag hastily makes its way out. A dash of sugar goes in and voila, a cup of tea is made. After a cooling breath, the first triumphant sip is on the horizon… and … it's terrible. The tea, as well as spirits, make their way down the drain and just like that- the realization that bad tea is more depressing than no tea at all.

The art of making tea slowly lost its touch from years of legacy-brand grocery store tea bags, 24-ounce sugary cans, and worst of all- over steeped cups mishandled by baristas. The true beauty of tea isn't exclusive to fine connoisseurs collecting rare harvests from all corners of the Earth, it's hidden in plain sight- in a perfectly simple cup of tea. A quintessential cup is a thing of beauty, mood changing with a deeper connection to current dwellings- it has the ability to revamp all negative notations of tea. Impressively, tea embodies seasonal changes by reflecting the best flavors and blending them seamlessly together. From sweet and aromatic to spice heavy with cinnamon and cloves, creativity with tea is endless. All in all, coffee still remains the crown jewel of mornings, but a drink has yet to symbiotically represent afternoons and nights. Tea, despite its mishandlings and stigmatizations, is becoming the champion of feel-good moments any time of day.