Tea and Books

Paper, digital, print – whichever is arguably the best medium for reading, tea is an unarguable companion drink when exploring the expansive world of books.

Books are the gateway to a different mindset, through 26 simple letters- entire worlds are created. From business to travel, philosophy to food- it seems as if anyone can find something to identify with. Illusive, yet so meaningful- great books have the ability to make a lasting impact long after the final page is turned. The way one treads (or stumbles) through life transpires from reading, acting as a reference to guide thinking and styles. ­

Throughout years of reading, certain books still spark comments of inspiration, fluid writing, and lifestyle changes- despite multitudes of other books that could’ve drowned out importance. To each their own, and to their own- a different underlying meaning. Standout books can date back thousands of years, touching on the earliest known stories translated from ancient Aramaic- as well as new life being brought into the literary world by modern writers. Countless to choose from, it all comes down to preference and stage in life.

Tea and books just feel right together, its beginnings trace back to unknown origins but always circle back to the familiarity of the love affair. Whether for enjoyment or finding your place in the world- existential crisis included- books never fail to change moods. Tea provides an autonomous sipping that repeats comfortably in the background while the book encapsulates full attention and before you know it- you need more. Reading session after reading session, the bond strengthens until the feeling is replicated anywhere in the world. Tea and a book in an airport? Instant comfortability, but possibly not triumphant to jetlag and delayed flights. Tea and a book on a train? Your life is a story, constantly writing out one day at a time. Wherever your path takes you- pour up, find an interesting book, and read away- there’s plenty to be learned. 

📸Photo by Thought Catalog