Retail Locations

Q- Where can I find Topos Teas?

A-  You can find Topos at any of the locations listed under the "Where to Buy" tab!

Also, you may be able to find us at events located throughout Philly. Check out our Instagram page, @toposteas, to keep up-to-date!

Q- Can I order tea online?

A- At the moment, online ordering is not available. But if you click "Where to Buy" you can see where to get tea in-store! You can also see where we're going to be in the coming months under "Coming Soon!" 



Q- Are the ingredients organic?

A- All ingredients are certified organic.

Q- What's Green Rooibos tea?

A- Green Rooibos is an herbal tea from South Africa with a taste similar to black tea but without bitterness, astringency, and caffeine. The unfermented version of Rooibos, Green Rooibos yields a beautiful balance of earthiness and sweetness.

Q- Why Honey?

A- It's Earth’s best sweetener, using tea as the perfect delivery vehicle.